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Taipan – Web Application Security Scanner

Taipan is an automated web application scanner which allows identifying web vulnerabilities in an automatic fashion. This project is the core engine of a broader project which includes other components, like a web dashboard where you can manage your scan or download a PDF report and a scanner agent to run on the specific host. Below are some screenshots of the Taipandashboard:

Changelog v2.4
Generation of HTML report (Consultant edition)Improved Web Form Bruteforce AddOn (Consultant edition)Generation of a cleaner JSON report (Consultant edition)Improved hidden resource discovery component (avoided some false positives)Check for updatesMinor bug fixingDownload
Using TaipanTaipan can run on both Windows (natively) and Linux (with mono). To run it in Linux you have to install mono in version >= 4.8.0. You can track the implementation of the new features in the related Kanban board.
Scan ProfileTaipan allows scanning the given website by specifying a different kind of profiles. E…