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IT'S A FAMILIAR playbook for Google and Alphabet: Offer high-quality products like Gmail or Chrome, build a massive user base, and then capitalize on that reach to paternalistically promote safer practices across the tech industry. So far, this strategy has generally proved to be extremely effective. Now Chronicle, a company born last year out of X, Alphabet's "moon shot factory," is going to try it for defending corporate networks. On Monday, Chronicle announced its first product: Backstory. The tool is a cloud platform on which companies can store their network-intelligence data indefinitely, allowing them to use Google's search smarts to comb through logs and gain insight into emerging digital security threats. For example, an organization that missed a breach on its network initially will be able to use Backstory to find the origins of the incident and track what played out as a result. Crucially, Backstory customers will also benefi…

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Polycom command shell authorization bypass

WARNING : This knowledge is only for ethical purposes. Misuse this info at your own risk. Good morning ethical hackers. Polycom HDX devices are popular worldwide for video conferencing. They are fit for meeting rooms and conference halls of various sizes as they support 1 to 3 displays. The login component of the Polycom Command Shell on Polycom HDX video endpoints, running software versions 3.0.5 and earlier, is vulnerable to an authorization bypass when simultaneous connections are made to the service, allowing remote network attackers to gain access to a sandboxed telnet prompt without authentication. So when all the conventional methods to get access to a network, this can work as an entry point of course if they are using this product. Let us see how this can be used in our pen test. Start Metasploit and load the exploit as shown below. Set the target and check if it’s vulnerable as shown below using “check” command.
You can use the default payload or choose the required payload.…

Online Ethical Hacking Course (Android Hacking Tips) -2019

With these hacking tips, hack your neighbor's Wifi code and do much  Learn Online ethical hacking with us Smartphones are no longer limited to the simple role of calling and sending text messages. With the advent of social media, the digital age has become more empowered. There is a lot more information circulating in the world and everything is being loopholed by this upcoming digital savvy generation. The mentioned hacks in this article are capable of such possibilities that are sure to surprise you. 1. How To Unlock Lock Screen Android Have you locked yourself out of your Android screen? While there are many Android hacks such as through the factory reset or other tools in a PC, this special little trick is the best Android hack for Android 5 Lollipop that uses Android’s own security bug to unlock your locked Android screen.
Steps to follow: Firstly, ring your emergency dial as many times as you can, until you reach the maximum limit.Copy…

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Online Ethical Hacking Course


sshesame: A fake SSH server that lets everyone in and logs their activity

sshesame A fake SSH server that lets everyone in and logs their activity.

Warning This software, just like any other, might contain bugs. Given the popular nature of SSH, you probably shouldn’t run it unsupervised as root on a production server on port 22. Use common sense.
sshesame accepts and logs
every password authentication request,every SSH channel open request andevery SSH request Installinggo get -u or
snap install sshesame Usage$ sshesame -h Usage of sshesame: -host_key string a file containing a private key to use -json_logging enable logging in JSON -listen_address string the local address to listen on (default "localhost") -port uint the port number to listen on (default 2022) -server_version string The version identification of the server (RFC 4253 section 4.2 requires that this string start with "SSH-2.0-") (default "SSH-2.0-sshesame")
Consider creating a private key to use with sshes…

Online Ethical Hacking Training

Hacker Computer School provide online world most advance ceeh -certified expert ethical hacker course. this school challenge to ec-council course cehv10 because ec-council provide only security training not a hacking moreover all practical is old but our school always provide new update hacking practicals. You join a online ceeh -certified expert ethical hacker training and become a expert ethical hacker.

This Ethical Hacking Course on online will train you on the advanced step-by-step methodologies that hackers actually use, such as writing virus codes, and reverse engineering, so you can better protect corporate infrastructure from data breaches. You’ll master advanced network packet analysis, securing web servers, malware threats, and advanced system penetration testing techniques to build your network security skillset and beat hackers at their own game.  WhatsApp - IMO - Telegram +91 -7988285508