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VetSec Takes First in the Hacktober CTF: Summary & Steganography Write-up! For the last week, VetSec competed in the CTF event, which consisted of challenges in forensics, steganography, programming, offensive tactics, web application, reverse engineering, cryptography, and more.  I am happy to announce that WE WON!
Our team consisted of the following members:
Elliot Chernofsky (@emtuls)Reuben Booker (@reubadoob)Rob Fuller (@mubix)Myself (@hmaverickadams) The competition itself was close up until the very end.  We competed against well over 100 teams and the challenges ranged from pretty beginner stuff through some down right clever hidden flags.  Shout out to Midwest Cyber Center for putting on the event and to the mods (@overallcoma1 & @attackd0gz) for staying on top of everything.  They were the true MVPs. In spirit of the win, I wanted to write up the entire Steganography section, which is my favorite CTF category.  Other write-ups are in the works …