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Decoding Robert Mueller's Russia Investigation | WIRED25

WIRED contributing editor Garrett M. Graff, who covers special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe, authored the magazine's June cover story about Mueller's time in Vietnam, and wrote "The Threat Matrix: Inside Robert Mueller's FBI and the War on Global Terror." Graff breaks down the investigation's status, the 

Polycom command shell authorization bypass

WARNING : This knowledge is only for ethical purposes. Misuse this info at your own risk. Good morning ethical hackers. Polycom HDX devices are popular worldwide for video conferencing. They are fit for meeting rooms and conference halls of various sizes as they support 1 to 3 displays. The login component of the Polycom Command Shell on Polycom HDX video endpoints, running software versions 3.0.5 and earlier, is vulnerable to an authorization bypass when simultaneous connections are made to the service, allowing remote network attackers to gain access to a sandboxed telnet prompt without authentication. So when all the conventional methods to get access to a network, this can work as an entry point of course if they are using this product. Let us see how this can be used in our pen test. Start Metasploit and load the exploit as shown below. Set the target and check if it’s vulnerable as shown below using “check” command.
You can use the default payload or choose the required payload.…

RITA v1.1.1: Real Intelligence Threat Analytics

Real Intelligence Threat Analytics (RITA) is an open source framework for network traffic analysis. The framework ingestsBro Logs, and currently supports the following analysis features: Beaconing Detection: Search for signs of beaconing behaviour in and out of your networkDNS Tunneling Detection Search for signs of DNS based covert channelsBlacklist Checking: Query blacklists to search for suspicious domains and hostsURL Length Analysis: Search for lengthy URLs indicative of malwareScanning Detection: Search for signs of port scans in your networkChangelog v1.1.1 Changes: Make some commands periodically check for program updates #255Update Mongo version to 3.6 #248

pycrate: Python library to ease the development of encoders and decoders

Pycrate is a French word for qualifying bad wine. The present software library has nothing to do with bad wine, it is simply a Python library for manipulating various digital formats in an easy way. It is the glorious successor of libmich, which was started 8 years ago and served well.
Components Pycrate is actually more a software suite than a single library. It is composed of several subdirectories, each providing specific services. pycrate_core The core of the library. utils provides basics functions to manipulate integers, bytes and bitscharpy provides the Charpy class to handle easily the consumption of a bit-streamelt and base are providing several classes to help when building complex data structuresrepr provides simple functions to help with the representation of instances from the elt and base modules Some of the most useful features are provided by the pack_val() functions from the utils module and the Charpy class from the charpy module. They help to deal easily with packing …

ropgenerator v1.2 releases: building ROP exploits

Online Penetration Testing Training ROPGenerator ROPGenerator is a tool that makes ROP exploits easy. It enables you to automatically find gadgets or build ROP chains. The current version supports x86 and x64 binaries.
It uses the tool ROPgadget to extract gadgets from binaries and the barf-project to disassemble them. After gadgets are extracted, it analyzes them in order to compute their semantic and stores them according to their usefulness. Once the analysis is done, you can request ROPGenerator to automatically find gadgets or ROP chains by supplying semantic queries.
It is written in python. The tool has python2-only dependencies so it runs under python2 so far.
The tool is developed to achieve two main tasks:
Find gadgets easily: you can specify a semantic operation you want to perform and ROPGenerator will automatically find suitable gadgets and/or ropchainsBuild exploits automatically: you can use different strategies to create a full exploit by using built-in exploit…