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Hacking Simulator


Hacker Computer School Provide Online Ethical Hacking & Penetration Testing Training As Well As Challenge  EC-Council, Offensive Security Course OSCP
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Vulnerability Assessment by hackers

Vulnerability Assessment is the process of evaluating the weakness of a system or network. It identifies the vulnerabilities in a system or network and helps black hats to devise exploits to get access to a target system or network. For example, imagine I am a black hat who performed a Nmap scan on the target (in this case, Metasploitable). The target has displayed so many banners of the services running. So the first thing I do is perform a Google search for any exploit or vulnerability for the service displayed. Luckily in the example below, we get an exploit for the aforementioned version o -f ftp server and that happens to be a Metasploit exploit. The only thing hacker has to do is download the exploit and run it. Here’s another example for another service. Here we have vulnerabilities listed. So we have to write an exploit for that vulnerability.

PDF forensics with Kali Linux : pdfid and pdfparser Forensics

Good eveninggggggg friends. I am very happy and the cause for my happiness is the Hacker Computer School pdf monthly magazine I recently started. The test edition was received positively. But some of the security conscious readers have raised concerns whether this pdf magazine may be booby trapped to hack my readers. So I thought it would be good to make a howto on pdf forensics. By the end of this article, you will be able to tell whether the pdf you received is genuine or malicious. For this howto, I will create a malicious PDF with Metasploit using the following exploit. As is well known, this exploit hides an exe within a PDF file. This PDF file can be sent to our target using any social engineering technique. When the target user clicks on it, we will get reverse_tcp connection. Another file we will be analyzing is the PDF copy of my Hacker computer school monthly magazine. Both of the files are shown below. The first tool will be using is pdfid. Pdfid will scan a file to look f…

Analysis of portable executable files with PEFRAME

These days hackers are using numerous ways to get into our systems. One of them is by sending a malicious portable executable file to us or make us download the malicious executable file and execute it on our system.We have seen one such Real World Hacking Scenario in the issue of Hacker Computer School Dec 2018 In this scenario we have not only seen how hackers can make malicious executable files but also how they bypass antivirus and convince the innocent users to click on those malicious files. In this howto, we will learn how to perform analysis of portable executable files. Analysis helps us to determine what the file was intended to do once clicked. There are two types of analysis: static analysis and dynamic analysis. In static analysis the sample is analyzed without executing it whereas in dynamic analysis the sample is executed in a controlled environment. Static analysis is performed on the source code of the sample portable executable. There are various tools which help us…