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Online Ethical Hacking Course Join

Hacker Computer School Provide Online Ethical Hacking Course And Cyber Security Training. If You Want Join Online Ethical Hacking Course Please Click On Join And Enroll For Online Ethical Hacking Course.


This Ethical Hacking Course on online will train you on the advanced step-by-step methodologies that hackers actually use, such as writing virus codes, and reverse engineering, so you can better protect corporate infrastructure from data breaches. You’ll master advanced network packet analysis, securing web servers, bug bounty, malware threats, and advanced system penetration testing techniques to build your network security skill set and beat hackers at their own game.

Hacker Computer School Provide World Most Advance Ethical Hacking hacking Training online. This school issue underground tool for ethical hacking as well as share real hacker knowledge with student moreover this school always tech latest hacking tool and practical. Hacker Computer School challenge to cehv…

MCExtractor v1.24.2 r92 releases: Intel, AMD, VIA & Freescale Microcode Extraction Tool

MC Extractor is a tool which parses Intel, AMD, VIA and Freescale processor microcode binaries. It can be used by end-users who are looking for all relevant microcode information such as CPUID, Platform, Version, Date, Release, Size, Checksum etc. It is capable of converting Intel microcode containers (dat, inc, h, txt) to binary images for BIOS integration, detecting new/unknown microcodes, checking microcode health, Updated/Outdated status and more. MC Extractor can be also used as a research analysis tool with multiple structures which allow, among others, full parsing & information display of all documented or not microcode Headers. Moreover, with the help of its extensive database, MC Extractor is capable of uniquely categorizing all supported microcodes as well as check for any microcodes which have not been stored at the Microcode Repositories yet.

A1. MC Extractor Features
Supports all current & legacy Microcodes from 1995 and onwardScans for all Intel, AMD,…