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Ramayana: Lessons for Network Security

Ramayana an epic battle between good and evil teaches us various lessons about life, but does Ramayana have any lessons for network security.   I have made a small attempt at emulating Ramayana to the cyber scenario to find out.          Our story begins from the eve of the day Ram was to be made proprietor of company Ayodhya. On that eve, Manthara an internal employee of the company Ayodhya,social engineersthe mind of  Kaikeyi the wife of  Dasaratha into jealousy which makes her to invoke theambigious agreementDasaratha  made with her a long time ago. According to the agreement, Rama should be exiled from the company of Ayodhya for fourteen years and her son Bharata should be made the proprietor of the company. Dasaratha accedes to the demands of Kaikeyi and Rama agrees to his father’s decrees and leaves the company. Lakshmana and Sita follow him.  Meanwhile Bharata who is on a visit to his relative knows about the events in the company, returns and performsforensics and finds about …