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Target Specification in Nmap.

Nmap is a popular port scanner. Today we are going to see target specification in nmap. In Nmap target can be specified in six different ways. We are going to look at each one of them. For this, I am using Kali Linux connected internally with IP address 1. nmap -iL <input filename> This option reads targets from a specific file. Let’s create a file named alpha with a few   newline separated or tab-limited or space separated IP addresses using vi on Desktop.
Then, move to Desktop directory and type the command nmap -iL alphaas shown below. It scans the four IP addresses listed in our file. 2. nmap -iR <number of hosts> This option is used to specify random hosts to scan. Nmap generates its own targets to scan. The<number of hosts> argument tells nmap the number of IP’s to generate. Let’s type command “nmap -iR 5″. We can see that nmap generated five random targets to scan. The scan failed to determine route to the generated IP addresses because my system i…