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Hacking Windows with PoisonIvy buffer overflow exploit

Good Evening friends. Today we will learn about hacking Windows with PoisonIvy buffer overflow exploit. This exploit hacks a system using a vulnerability in a RAT. RAT stands for Remote Access Trojan and is a type of malware. It works when a hacker sends a malicious file to the victim and he clicks on it. When victim clicks the malicious file, it sends a  connection back to the hacker’s machine. The Hacker can control the victim’s machine using command & control server.  Using RAT’s, the hacker can Block mouses and keyboardsChange the desktop wallpapersDownloads, uploads, deletes, and rename filesDestroys hardware by overclockingDrop viruses and wormsEdit RegistryUse your internet connection to perform denial of service attacks (DoS)Format drivesSteal passwords, credit card numbersAlter your web browser’s homepageHide desktop icons, task bar and file (Data from Wikipedia ) The picture given below should explain the scenario. More about RATs later. You can see the command and contr…