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Vulnerability Lab Setup

x86 Exploit Development Pt 1 – Intro to Computer Organization and x86 Instruction Set Architecture Fundamentals Hey guys! I figured that it would be beneficial to have an entire post dedicated to teaching some fundamentals about Computer Organization and the x86 Instruction Set Architecture, since I will be referencing this particular ISA (instruction set architecture) throughout most of my tutorials on Exploit Development and Reverse Engineering. This will be updated over time as I find more information that might be useful for someone to know when working on these topics! Computer Organization Basics – Memory: It would be valuable to know how memory works and the organization of it, such as bits and bytes, and concepts like little endian and big endian. In our case, x86 uses little endian format. What this means is that our information is stored in virtual memory addresses in reverse order (little end first). Reference:this website for more information, or Chapter 1 in this book. …

Setup a virtual pen testing lab:Step-by-Step guide

Virtual penetration testing lab is a lab created on a single system using any virtualization software. It can be very helpful for people practising for CEH or similar certification. Any penetration testing lab has two machines, attacker and victim. In this lab we will set up Kali Linux as the attacker and Windows XP( most favourite victim machine ) as the victim. I am going to set up this lab in Vmware Workstation 9. Hope this will be helpful. First of all install Kali Linux and Windows XP in Vmware Workstation.
Shut them down. In the Vmware Workstation menu, SelectEdit”and click on Virtual Network editor. The window below will open showing the virtual network adapters. Click on “Add network”.